Have you ever been in a slump in your business? That deep cave of the doldrums where creativity has been pulled stage left, your clients are non existent or responsive the way they used to be? You are not alone. Business slumps, as regular as they are almost ALWAYS seem to last FOREVER! When our business life is flourishing, we tend to take this time for granted, as in we believe it SHOULD be this way always.

Now there’s something to be said about our mental equivalent being this good, as you wouldn’t be in business if you thought it would all go to hell all the time. So because we tend to feel normal and easy when things are on the uptake, we become very uncomfortable with slumps, and tend to have no patience while we are there. The slump is truly a feeling of ultimate failure, as though the end has arrived, and our business is done. We also tend to finalize any idea that does not fully pan out. Oddly it is difficult to let an idea not succeed.

We attach ourselves to it being the only way through, when in fact there are infinite possibilities and this is just one. Yes, in good times, we all know this, but when we fall into any slump, sometimes these principles feel like “pie in the sky” ideas. Due to the nature of a slump, and the short attention span we have for anything positive, The following are three REALISTIC things you need to know in the moment to help you move forward.

1. Remember the slump means you’re alive

All of life has cycles, ups, downs, ins and outs. Think of the heartbeat. We would be dead if we just had the one end of the pump. We need the up AND the down of the heartbeat to keep our blood moving. Business is exactly the same. When you are in a slump, remember, this means your business is alive! This is a good thing. Our sleep cycle is also an up and a down. If we never slept, we would die.

2. Create a list of things you’ve been too busy for during the up cycle

This means that as part of the cycle, there is meaningful work that can only happen during times that are slower. Think about the less exciting things that must be done, in times of a low. Research, brainstorming new projects, or even just rest. We tend to have a very difficult time doing the insular parts of business when clients need you, or your product sales are up. All those things that feel important, but you’re too busy during times of success, can all be made into a list of, “I’ll do that later.” Well, sister, time to pull that baby out! Get on task and remember this is all part of what needs to be done.

3. Don’t take the “ups” OR the “downs” for granted

In both  successful times AND slumps, due to the nature of thinking they will last forever, we often take both times for granted. It may be weird to think we’d take a slump for granted, but we do. We wallow in self pity, and forget that the busy “up” cycle is just around the corner. This isn’t even positive thinking. The regrets we experience in our successful times include the frustration of not completing our “I’ll do that later” list.

The moral of the story is truly to understand both times of slump and success are temporary. Attempt to avoid getting egotistical during successful times, and remember the temporary nature of the slump.


Whenever a paradigm shift occurs, we end up witnessing new leaders emerge. The interesting thing is that these new leaders are often not the experts in the industry they work. Think about Elon Musk. He became the leader in space technology not due to advanced degrees in aerospace engineering, but because he could hold a large vision despite the actual experts who continuously refuted it.

Entrepreneurs into Leaders

The leaders of industrial paradigm shifts will inevitably be entrepreneurs, as holding an impossible vision becomes more important than any technical need. But why?

Experts have the knowledge, and can be found grounded in the basic foundations of their industry. In this respect they can be instrumental in micro industrial advancements.

Why can’t the experts lead the way in an industrial paradigm shift?

In order to revolutionize or shift an industry, we must shake the foundation of the industry. It takes someone outside the industry to question the foundation and ask the all-important question, “what if we could do it differently?”

How do we realize a vision without experts? We don’t.

If the vision is big or impossible enough, you have to understand that it will become a magnet for the best of the best in that industry. The brightest minds seem to be attracted to new and innovative things, but dare not question their own foundation. So the idea of being PART of a paradigm shift is the perfect combination of safety AND excitement.

Elon Musk had the best in engineering begging to be a part of his vision, and in one meeting, Elon brought up the idea of a solar solution to charge the battery of a Tesla as you were driving. A very privileged and assured engineer claimed, “With all due respect, this just isn’t possible.” The only response from Musk: “Do you want to be in this meeting, or not?”

Now think about the bravery of that question…. it takes a lot of courage to hold an impossible vision over the opinions of industry experts. It’s not better to be either, however it is imperative you get clear on whether you’re a vision holder or an industry expert.


February 28, 2020 Scarlett RameyBusiness0

Business & Friends

Have you been there? A friend feels they’d be great in business with you and wants to start drafting a plan, or your close friend comes to you with her dream and wants you to invest time, energy, money etc. You want to be happy for her without really getting involved. Are you really friends if you wouldn’t do business with them? Do you have to be friends to make a successful business partnership? What do you owe your friend if you don’t want to partner or simply don’t feel it would be a good fit without ruining your friendship?

Here are three simple  yet powerful questions to help you to figure out where your friend lies in your business life, and what to do about it.

Filter 1:  Do I like this person?

Well obviously, if they’re your friend, this is an easy answer. The only thing you owe someone you like is your inclination to listen to them. If I like you, I will listen to you. That’s it! These relationships are valuable and needed for our social life!
What NEXT:  You don’t have to be their surrogate mother, adopt a dog together, or go into business with them. They are simply your friend and the relationship need not go any further than that! These friends just stay at this level and you move on! If they pass this test, move onto Filter 2.

Filter 2:  Do I trust this person?

This is a VERY different question than whether you like them. Trust stirs at the deeper levels of our psyche and foundations. Usually the first answer that comes to you instinctively is the one you should follow. Have they shown questionable ethics in the past in their business, or personal lives? Are they a gossip? Would you trust them to hold your cash on a night out? Would you let them babysit for you?
What Next:  If the answer to this anything less than a solid YES, move this friend BACK to  Zone 1. Enjoy these folks as your friends, listen, exchange ideas with them, but these are not your business partner people.
If the answer is an astounding YES, you can move forward to the consideration phase. Do NOT commit to anything but allow yourself to strongly consider being in business with this person.

Filter 3:  Do I respect this person?

Respect is, yet again, much deeper than even TRUST! When you respect someone, therein lies a DEEP appreciation of the accomplishments, achievements, and knowledge they have proven to you over time. You can trust your girlfriend to hold your cash for a night of clubbing, but really ask yourself, what you admire about this person, and if those qualities are transferable to business.
What Next:  If you have arrived here and really think Laura, your clubbing buddy might not fit into your idea of admiration, move her BACK to filter 2, and understand that you’ll always consider her ideas, AND unapologetically understand you’ll probably never do business with them.
If you DO like, trust, and respect this person, you can somewhat confidently move forward in business together.
The main point here is to understand that you can be friends with someone without needing to trust or respect them. You can have business cohorts, as well as friends you’d never go into business with. Both are great! We cannot just have one or the other in life, right?
The key is to QUICKLY compartmentalize the non-business partner people through all three filters to avoid wasting time considering EVERY friend’s idea EVERY time.
Now, #GoExecute


As we get older, our dreams about life seem to change, but what does NOT change, is our belief about how long things should take. As a child we might think, writing a book will take years! We hold that belief in the marrow of our bones, keeping us in a space where writing a book is out of the question. Our lives are busier than ever, and who has the time, or rather wants to spend the years it would take to write a book? The obstacle isn’t the book, it is the belief in our perception that it would take just as long as we first believed.

Your Dreams ARE Possible

We can all agree that technology has surpassed the amount of work and time necessary to complete large dreams, but it often gets stuck around our deep held beliefs, even with all the proof in our faces. The feeling of dread many feel when thinking about writing a book is so insurmountable, that any up to date information is not even sought.

My first book took me 4 days from inception to print. I blame my own impatience and ADD, but if you can get seaming weaknesses pointed in the direction of productivity, they become strengths. My book was a thrilling, if not riveting book on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, and how to go Beyond this chronic illness to a thriving life!

You’re thinking, “How do I get this masterpiece before Christmas?!”

The idea was even boring to ME! But my vision of lowering Hemoglobin A1c in my Type 2 patients was strong enough to carry me through.

My normal process, when creating anything starts with my “Why?” Why am I writing a book about Type 2 Diabetes? Sooooooo boring! My vision, however had to do with helping my diabetic patients feel free of the encumbering nature diabetes has on their lives. I wanted them to go BEYOND Type 2 (which became the name of the program). This vision, my reasoning for even committing to this process became my obsession with helping this group of people. My visions also entail much bigger ventures than I am capable of, with variables I truly DON’T know how to execute.

Writing my first book was a part of a much bigger dream that I had. It became a necessary detail of the dream. I admit wholeheartedly that this was not something I wanted to spend a ton of time on, but remembering my vision of all those folks feeling free of diabetes helped me get through it, as I truly DID want to simplify concepts for my patients to feel more powerful.

Knowing myself, if there is an option to do ANYTHING more fun than what is in front of me, I will. To sit in front of my laptop and write out the accessible science of diabetes seemed daunting. I had to be isolated with no other choice.

I decided to go on a ski vacation!

I don’t ski.

The magic came easily with my intention to finish this book in 2 days. We rented out this large beautiful house in Tahoe, and both mornings, we would all get up and have breakfast together, and then everyone but me would leave for the slopes. I sat at the kitchen table, turned off my phone, and commenced. Eight hours later, they returned, and I stopped. We talked about their adventures, jumped in the hot tub and had fabulous cocktails and meals together! They’d be so worn out that getting to sleep early wasn’t an issue. The same routine the next day, and it was DONE. Is it perfect? NO! But it was exactly what I needed to produce the program!

I made this crazy idea of a book into PART of a larger Why.

Recently I forced my 78 year old father to write a book on everything he knew about Dollar Cost Averaging. I now have a giant Why for him, and told him the book needed to consist of all the information he’d gleaned in his lifetime in one place. That way if anyone wanted the MEAT of his program, they could skip the whole thing for $7.99 and get his EBook.

The program will obviously break down each topic into digestible content, however, his audience needs the choice, as we are now a population of self learners. He asked how, and I basically told him to write out the outline of exactly how to invest in mutual funds, and then fill it in. He beat me by a day, and wrote the whole thing in one night.

Now I  had to publish it. I OBVIOUSLY know nothing about publishing: perfect place for me to start! I pulled up amazon self publishing and within the hour his book is being reviewed for final publication.

So, are you TOO OLD to fulfill your dreams? It depends on whether you have a vision bigger than your old belief system. Get your Why, and the rest will distill into details. You can do this!


February 12, 2020 Scarlett RameyBusiness0

Precious Time

It’s definitely not a secret that I am obsessive about any venture I begin, so it often looks to the world like I’m on a mission, and have an agenda almost by the minute. This is simply due to the fact that my highest value in this life is my irreplaceable TIME. I answer even my personal phone with, “This is Scarlett, how can I help you?” Translation: “Get to the point.”

I’ve even trained my manager to NEVER allow people to know where I am, or my availability. She gets as much information as she can, and ends up saving me time. If she mistakenly doesn’t get the info, it’s a no. If she does get the info, and the caller still remains vague, it’s a no. It’s no.

It sounds counterintuitive, but to even gain my attention, it is mandatory that you come right out with what you want. Some examples of messages I get:

A.  “Scarlett, my name is Lance and I want meet you and see what we can do for each other.”

B.  “Hi, could we meet up? I’d love to pick your brain on something.”

C.  “Yo, I need you to help me find a Million dollars to invest in my Dildo business.”

Which call would I even return? ONLY C, why?

  • He didn’t bother me with his name, (strategically, not necessary at this juncture)
    • Saved me time
  • He told me exactly what he needed and why
    • Saved me time from listening/reading a long message that never gets to the point
  • He will get a call back, whether I can help him or not
    • I am always happy to go overboard for those who SIMPLY go out of their way to save me time

Now CAN I squeeze you in? Of course….

Do I really have no time? I actually have more time than anyone I know because I prioritize my time to truly spend carefully on things that are, well, meaningful to me.

I know what you’re thinking:

But Scarlett, let’s talk about A, that’s a pretty professional message, what’w wrong with Lance?

  • Dear Lance, you mentioned my name (not needed, as you called MY phone), AND your name, as though I’m going to say, “Lance! I’ve never heard of you in the history of EVER, but now, I’m ready to listen since you started with our names!”
  • You want to meet with me (as in face to face). With as many in person meetings as I have that have purpose, I know myself well enough that any free time I’d be able to squeeze you in,  as a stranger, I’d probably rather spend with my family, or doing something to help humanity. No offense.
  • You want to see what we can do for each other. . . let’s break this down:
    • I’ve never heard of you
    • I didn’t need anything from you, as exemplified by previous bullet point
    • As a stranger, do you believe I’ll call back/meet in person, without ANY context?
      • Don’t get me wrong: for a friend or family member? Yeah I’d call you back but still not meet in person, just ask, “What do you need? I’m happy to help, just let me know or send me the specifics in a text or email.”

And the gal in B just wanted to talk…

  • I do appreciate you ask for help immediately, thank you!
  • Pick my brain. . .
    • You’re asking me to again meet you in person without context, when I’d be happy to call you back with the best of my brain pickin’s for your need
    • I could be spending time supporting someone struggling with an eating disorder, writing helpful content for parents, or spending time with my family

Meeting in person to me means that we are ALREADY have business together. An in person meeting will never be my first point of contact with anyone, except my family and Charlie Day. I will stop the world and fly to wherever he is without ANY context. As one of my business heroes states so eloquently,

“If I LIKE you, I’m inclined to listen to you. If I TRUST you, I am willing to do business with you. If I RESPECT you, I will do business with you.”  -Naveen Jain

Well I don’t LIKE ANYONE who starts with wasting my time.  (She’s mean) Let me clarify: When you want the only resource I CANNOT replace, it’s pretty presumptuous to assume I’d spend it with you without context.

To work more closely with me and absolutely get fast result, please join our mailing list


February 11, 2020 Scarlett RameyBusiness0

True Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship sometimes comes in small packages. You know those moments where you stop and truly appreciate what’s happening directly in front of your eyes? I recently went to our local grocery store the HEB, and saw exactly what you’d expect this time of year, Girl Scouts selling Girl Scout Cookies. . . but this time it was different. A magnetic young lady, maybe 10 years old had hoisted herself up onto the traffic stones in front of the entrance, donning a plush cookie costume, and surrounded her feet with a display of the cookie options for sale.

With her parents standing behind her, among other Scouts,  I saw the future, a disruptive Scout with the passion (bordering on obsession) for the business of selling cookies. She hailed to the crowds, “We’ve got your cookies here! Lemon! Thin Mints! . . . One box for five dollars, and five for twenty! I asked her how she came to feel so brave in front of so many strangers. She claimed, “I actually love it! I’ve been getting donations even when people don’t want to buy cookies! Some people aren’t happy because I’m doing it a little differently, but if I make more money, shouldn’t that count?”

I bought 10 boxes immediately and was able to catch a video clip of her pictured below. Making it 1000% clear that I was NOT buying cookies, the family looked perplexed. I responded to their screwed up faces by saying, “I don’t even like cookies. Today, I bought her. Her passion, her courage, and have never purchased from any kid behind the sales table. She is the future of business. She will change the world. She alone will be a force to be reckoned with, and I just PRAY you foster her in her future dreams.

The mission of the Girl Scouts is to build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. As much as I avoid focusing on gender, race, creed, etc. when discussing business, I have to say, “Bravo!” She will be a force in business, not in spite of the fact that she is a woman, but because she is taking the leap most can’t. She becomes a shining example as she risks the accolades of her peers and strangers alike. Thanks Girl Scouts!

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