All of us here at Scarlett Ramey Official appreciate your support in our observance of Blackout Tuesday. We closed the office for an entire day to deep dive ways we could help permanently eradicate racism. While Scarlett Ramey Official is back open, our support does not end there. This is just the BEGINNING of our commitment to this cause. On this issue, we are determined to use our voices and this platform to raise awareness and funds to protect our black lives, and all lives. Scarlett Ramey Official is adamant about making a real difference, and if you’d like to join the support for racial justice, we will be giving you resources to directly aid this movement. 

We are so proud of those who have bravely used their platforms to affect change, and NOW is the time to join voices to champion racial justice. Thank you so much for all of your support. We couldn’t have done it without you!
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We have all heard that gratitude is the answer to, well, everything. I’m definitely not saying the world is all roses and puppies, however, when we are in a slump, feeling down, or negative regarding our lives, we are not necessarily seeing ALL that there is in front of us. 

The truth is that gratitude has the ability to switch our neural pathways, and open our minds to a fuller reality. Gratitude is different from positive thinking, because it requires remembering and naming REAL things, relationships, and feelings that are in our lives ALREADY. This is why gratitude always seems easier than positive thinking, which can often feel like being in a state of denial.

Gratitude can create a balance when we feel low, as it gently includes the idea of, “ALSO.” For example, “I feel awful, nothing I do matters in this world, and ‘ALSO’ I am grateful for my relationship with my parents.” Gratitude will not replace the bad feelings or slump by any means, but it does end up balancing them out, and revealing a broader reality.

We think of victimhood, when we are not stuck in it, as a sorrowful place, where people probably feel lucky to have even the smallest things, however this is NOT the case. Gratitude is a powerful force that can not only switch neural pathways, but can actually rewire the brain to see opportunities that we may have never seen before. If we feel powerful, and can see opportunities for growth and happiness, it becomes REALLY difficult to be taken seriously as a victim. 

So are victims ungrateful? Seems like an awful thing to say, but think about the victims of any life circumstance. People in remission from cancer, those who have lived through struggles of natural disaster, or abuse tend to avoid the word, “victim” like the plague. People tend to identify more as survivors, as it just seems more accurate.

The problem with being a victim of anything awful like this, is the ultimate fate with which it correlates. Victims of cancer die. Survivors of cancer are alive and seem pretty powerful. Victims of Hurricane Katrina still don’t have homes, died, or were fatally wounded without answers today. Survivors of Katrina rebuilt their lives either somewhere else or right in their own backyard. 

How does a victim become a survivor, as the two have almost nothing in common? In order to become a survivor of ANYTHING, there has to be an abandonment of the victim identity. Now don’t get me wrong, people don’t just swing from victim to survivor, or just one day decide they’re done being a victim. Until, realistically, they do.

If a person identifying as a victim decides to look at their life, and FEEL grateful for any part of it, they are deciding to survive their current circumstance. If they are deciding to survive, they are deciding to abandon the identity of victimhood. In many Hispanic cultures, the definition of depression is a lack of gratitude. We tend to think they misunderstood the meaning of depression, when, for all intents and purposes, they understood it better than we do.

The second we can include what we FEEL grateful for, we tend to lose sight of our stuckness, as it is almost impossible to feel both at the same time. This means the second we decide to write down a list of what we actually feel grateful for, we are deciding to let go of the victim identity. The rest is downhill from there. I’d love your thoughts and feedback.


Whenever a paradigm shift occurs, we end up witnessing new leaders emerge. The interesting thing is that these new leaders are often not the experts in the industry they work. Think about Elon Musk. He became the leader in space technology not due to advanced degrees in aerospace engineering, but because he could hold a large vision despite the actual experts who continuously refuted it.

Entrepreneurs into Leaders

The leaders of industrial paradigm shifts will inevitably be entrepreneurs, as holding an impossible vision becomes more important than any technical need. But why?

Experts have the knowledge, and can be found grounded in the basic foundations of their industry. In this respect they can be instrumental in micro industrial advancements.

Why can’t the experts lead the way in an industrial paradigm shift?

In order to revolutionize or shift an industry, we must shake the foundation of the industry. It takes someone outside the industry to question the foundation and ask the all-important question, “what if we could do it differently?”

How do we realize a vision without experts? We don’t.

If the vision is big or impossible enough, you have to understand that it will become a magnet for the best of the best in that industry. The brightest minds seem to be attracted to new and innovative things, but dare not question their own foundation. So the idea of being PART of a paradigm shift is the perfect combination of safety AND excitement.

Elon Musk had the best in engineering begging to be a part of his vision, and in one meeting, Elon brought up the idea of a solar solution to charge the battery of a Tesla as you were driving. A very privileged and assured engineer claimed, “With all due respect, this just isn’t possible.” The only response from Musk: “Do you want to be in this meeting, or not?”

Now think about the bravery of that question…. it takes a lot of courage to hold an impossible vision over the opinions of industry experts. It’s not better to be either, however it is imperative you get clear on whether you’re a vision holder or an industry expert.


February 28, 2020 Scarlett RameyInspiration3

Unapologetically Confident?

Just be yourself! We’ve heard it a thousand times, as though it really is just that easy. As we explore this idea of being unapologetically confident, I can fully understand both the popularity of wanting to come off this way, while also subconsciously not acting on it. Unapologetic confidence is NOT safe, and pours gasoline on the proverbial fire of criticism. I actually applaud folks who avoid pretending they have this quality, and just admit it’s too much. For those who FEEL they embody living unapologetically confident, answer these 4 questions as honestly as possible.

1.  Are you ok when others label you quickly and easily?

Scared of being pigeon holed as “Just another (vegetarian, Trump supporter, liberal, fundamentalist Christian, gay, feminist, man, trust fund baby, etc.) You should be, it’s scary to be in a room filled with people  who hate whatever category your beliefs might be in just to answer honestly and feel excluded as they scoff.

I’m not talking about shouting out your views, but we all have been in those moments where we truly are the only outlier, and find it paralyzing to disagree. The fear here is exclusion by others. Most people will claim they don’t care what people think, until they do. Until it’s uncomfortable. Then most of us crack, don’t speak up, or just agree to things almost subconsciously by responding, “Yeah.” or nodding our heads as someone talks.

Notice the next time you do this, and ask yourself what the consequence would be if they knew how you really felt. It’s ok to keep your views to yourself, but being true to your own integrity can be really uncomfortable, when the risk is exclusion.

Unapologetically confident

2.  Do you say Yes to things you later regret?

Or worse make up excuses for why you CAN’T do something? In Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), it is a practice for people to change the word can’t into won’t. Try it…. it actually does take practice, and it’s the TRUTH! Physically there are few things you can’t do that might be requested of you. For instance, we are asked “Can you meet up Saturday?” What is the truth? Can you? Of course! Even if you already had other plans, the truth is that it’s not impossible.

The truth, in this case, is that you’re choosing to prioritize a prior commitment and don’t want to make time. The truth isn’t that you can’t, it’s that you won’t. How mind-blowing is it that the truth sounds terrifying? Who are we when we make an excuse for not doing something we authentically don’t want to do? Who are we if we tell the truth? If you have a rough time telling the truth, you are not being unapologetically confident, but that’s not wrong!

3.  Do you have “Me too/I know/yeah/mm hm” syndrome?

Not the abuse phrase, the natural tendency to agree as people talk as though you either know the details of the subject they’re discussing, can relate, have had a similar experience, or generally agree.  This is a rough one, because asking for clarification, or making it known that you’re uneducated on a subject matter unveils you as an outlier. Subconsciously our environment teaches us to protect our psyche by auto-piloting our responses to general agreement. Fascinating!

4.  How often do you say “Sorry” without noticing?

In our culture it has become a prefix to almost any sentence.  Another subconscious idiom that when investigated deeply almost is NEVER true.

Some translations:

“Sorry, can you say that again? I couldn’t hear you.”

In this sentence that is used so often, let’s explore the truth. Are we really apologizing for our inability to hear someone? Or do we assume it’s offensive that someone would have the burden of repeating themselves? The true sentence reads, “Could you speak up? I can’t hear you.”

Looking at these introspective questions, it might give us more compassion for those who do have a difficult time “just being themselves.” We may want to live with unapologetic confidence, but do our actions match our desire? The key is to keep out of judgement while answering these questions. The work is just awareness of the truth. Good Luck!


As we get older, our dreams about life seem to change, but what does NOT change, is our belief about how long things should take. As a child we might think, writing a book will take years! We hold that belief in the marrow of our bones, keeping us in a space where writing a book is out of the question. Our lives are busier than ever, and who has the time, or rather wants to spend the years it would take to write a book? The obstacle isn’t the book, it is the belief in our perception that it would take just as long as we first believed.

Your Dreams ARE Possible

We can all agree that technology has surpassed the amount of work and time necessary to complete large dreams, but it often gets stuck around our deep held beliefs, even with all the proof in our faces. The feeling of dread many feel when thinking about writing a book is so insurmountable, that any up to date information is not even sought.

My first book took me 4 days from inception to print. I blame my own impatience and ADD, but if you can get seaming weaknesses pointed in the direction of productivity, they become strengths. My book was a thrilling, if not riveting book on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, and how to go Beyond this chronic illness to a thriving life!

You’re thinking, “How do I get this masterpiece before Christmas?!”

The idea was even boring to ME! But my vision of lowering Hemoglobin A1c in my Type 2 patients was strong enough to carry me through.

My normal process, when creating anything starts with my “Why?” Why am I writing a book about Type 2 Diabetes? Sooooooo boring! My vision, however had to do with helping my diabetic patients feel free of the encumbering nature diabetes has on their lives. I wanted them to go BEYOND Type 2 (which became the name of the program). This vision, my reasoning for even committing to this process became my obsession with helping this group of people. My visions also entail much bigger ventures than I am capable of, with variables I truly DON’T know how to execute.

Writing my first book was a part of a much bigger dream that I had. It became a necessary detail of the dream. I admit wholeheartedly that this was not something I wanted to spend a ton of time on, but remembering my vision of all those folks feeling free of diabetes helped me get through it, as I truly DID want to simplify concepts for my patients to feel more powerful.

Knowing myself, if there is an option to do ANYTHING more fun than what is in front of me, I will. To sit in front of my laptop and write out the accessible science of diabetes seemed daunting. I had to be isolated with no other choice.

I decided to go on a ski vacation!

I don’t ski.

The magic came easily with my intention to finish this book in 2 days. We rented out this large beautiful house in Tahoe, and both mornings, we would all get up and have breakfast together, and then everyone but me would leave for the slopes. I sat at the kitchen table, turned off my phone, and commenced. Eight hours later, they returned, and I stopped. We talked about their adventures, jumped in the hot tub and had fabulous cocktails and meals together! They’d be so worn out that getting to sleep early wasn’t an issue. The same routine the next day, and it was DONE. Is it perfect? NO! But it was exactly what I needed to produce the program!

I made this crazy idea of a book into PART of a larger Why.

Recently I forced my 78 year old father to write a book on everything he knew about Dollar Cost Averaging. I now have a giant Why for him, and told him the book needed to consist of all the information he’d gleaned in his lifetime in one place. That way if anyone wanted the MEAT of his program, they could skip the whole thing for $7.99 and get his EBook.

The program will obviously break down each topic into digestible content, however, his audience needs the choice, as we are now a population of self learners. He asked how, and I basically told him to write out the outline of exactly how to invest in mutual funds, and then fill it in. He beat me by a day, and wrote the whole thing in one night.

Now I  had to publish it. I OBVIOUSLY know nothing about publishing: perfect place for me to start! I pulled up amazon self publishing and within the hour his book is being reviewed for final publication.

So, are you TOO OLD to fulfill your dreams? It depends on whether you have a vision bigger than your old belief system. Get your Why, and the rest will distill into details. You can do this!

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