Guest Blog: Work at a Job You Hate, OR Live your Dream Life?

February 27, 2020 by Scarlett Ramey0

Introduction: Live Your Dream Life

I want to start out letting you know these are all lessons from my father, Paul Ramey: genius, serial entrepreneur, rainmaker of dreams, and my personal hero. “I’ll fix a broken heart, if you just bring it to me,” he has always said.

Yesterday sitting at Starbucks, my 77 year old father urgently hands me his phone, and asks how he can copy his gem of a Facebook Post, to his instagram account. To find this “post” I am now having to look through 4 different personal FB accounts my father has created (ADHD runs strong in this family). Upon finding his post, I quickly discover, no joke. . . it’s a list.

  1. Things people should already know.
  2. Things they should commence doing because they already know.
  3. Business principles, all common sense to him from over 50 years in the learning.
  4. Reasons you’re an idiot if you didn’t already know/put the above into action.

No actual image for an instagram post. . .

Rarely the gentle type, he’d get crazy frustrated if he’d have to simplify a concept, explain why, or repeat himself.

The information, however is useful when presented in an accessible fashion. That’s where I step in!

Dad has 4 Different Facebook Accounts all under Paul Ramey……. I wasn’t kidding


“If I have to go to work one more day, I might just crash my car into a wall!”

Have you ever thought that being hospitalized would be a nice change from the daily grind you’re putting in at work?

Maybe a little less dramatic but if you’ve ever wished for a Forever Break from your job, you are SO not alone!

Many of us can confess to being in jobs/work we loathe. Each day, because we are good and loyal workers, we rise with the sun, and just Suck-It-Up for the next 8-10+ hours to be responsible homeowners, parents, and have some fun (you know, during all our spare time….).

If we reframe this concept to persuade even 40% of us to put the knife down, I’ll have succeeded.

One way to reframe this feeling of stuckness, is to remember how you got here. No need to play the blame game here, as you can trust me, it leads nowhere. try to look deeply into the actual process. There was a specific time when you were looking for “work.” What state of mind were you in during this beginning phase? Did you feel desperate, that you’d take anything open just to scrape by? Were you “looking for something better,” while working another position? These are the 2 most common scenarios, and we will reframe them to hopefully make for a better commute tomorrow.

When you are desperate, you’ll wear it like dirty gym shorts, meaning people can smell your need, and it reeks! One whiff of this stench tells potential employers that you’re most likely using this position as a stepping stone to something else. Even someone without any of the required job skill will be preferred, if they show confidence and passion for that particular company.

If we are not desperate because we have an employer who doesn’t mind us looking for jobs on our breaks, the situation only improves minimally. This is because you are:

  1. At work
  2. Thinking only in the field you work in
  3. Most likely “adding” lines to your resume that support your ability to do the work you’re in now. That you hate. . .

So you end up getting interviews for positions in different companies that all do the same thing you do now. “But the company treats its employees so much better.” This might get you through the first 4 months, when you inevitably decide you never liked this work to begin with.

How do you get out of this cycle?

Reframing the word WORK may help.

If you are looking for a purpose/career in this world, start by transferring the question,”What job do I want?” to, “What is it that I want to DO in this life?” And, “Why?”

For Example:

  • You don’t want a job at Netflix, you want to create and produce life changing films.
  • You don’t want to be president of Starbucks, you want to change the world through coffee culture.
  • Why do I want to cure AIDS?
  • Why do I want to produce life changing films?

This will give you a starting point for your vision, or send you off into the world of entrepreneurship. Hopefully at this point we all understand that if your dream is to change the world through coffee culture, for instance, starting as a barista (a seemingly crappy entry level position to most) would be a dream job to you, as it would give you the full foundation you’d need to solidify your vision. Reframing it back to what you want to do and why has the power to change any position into a dream job.

What if I want to be an entrepreneur?

If you truly have the guts and the grit to work long hours even after you get home from your unsavory job, gratitude will be your best tool. Let’s face it, after a day at any job you hate, all you want is to grab a beer and zone out to your favorite shows. There’s simply no time/energy left to work on a business plan, let alone, run a full scale side hustle. Finding enough energy at the end of that long day is attainable, but only if you can get SUPER grateful FOR the hateful job. Gross, I know.

Just count the tiny things that have helped:

  1. Income to work on my side hustle and still pay rent.
  2. Education on how I will/not treat my employees when they are hired.
  3. Business forms that are already written, and in legal compliance, to learn from.

Once you become grateful BEFORE going into your job, you’ll start to notice other opportunities that could help your side hustle! Now you’re using your current job as a way to solidify your own company!

Points to Remember:

  • Stop looking for work desperately or while at your current position.
  • Start asking the question, “What do I want to DO in this world, and why?”
  • Look for entry level positions that lead to your vision above.
  • Get grateful for your current position to learn MORE about how to create your own business.

That’s all for now, folks.
Scarlett Ramey

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