Manifesting a Trampoline

February 10, 2020 by Scarlett Ramey0

Since the age of 3, I was a gymnast. I didn’t DO gymnastics, I WAS Gymnastics. Flying through the air with some (and no body) awareness, daring myself to be better than anything I could imagine, conquering fears… You get the idea about manifesting a trampoline.

At 10 years old, I remember being wildly creative and innovative around how to make our house a private training center, as I had dreams to be in the Olympics, and wanted to save my folks from having to purchase a facility when we could set it all up at the house. Planning out where the un parallel bar set could go, where the best light was for the beam, how we could get a 36’ x 36’ Floor into the basement, in addition to wondering if they’d go for me running down the hallway to vault appropriately, was more fun than planning a fairy tail wedding. But the trampoline…

The trampoline had the perfect home in the raised back yard, just beside the flat garage rooftop. It was going to be my first installation, as this seemed the most reasonable pitch out of the five choices.

This would not be easy. My family had some wild conspiracy theories that a large trampoline might be a liability in which they could lose everything. Ignoring these frivolous fears, (where did they even find this stuff?) and getting back to the practical details, I held strong to keep the vision for us all. Where it would be placed, how I could protect it in the winter, and whether or not using the roof to hurl myself onto it, and catapult into the abyss would be allowed, were all very important decisions I felt the family should at least be allowed an opinion.

They kept looking at me as though I had three heads whenever the trampoline was mentioned. “We’ve talked about this, Dear. You know it’s just too much of a risk for you AND to mention. . .(Place conspiracy theories here).” I truly thought this was one of my coming of age tests. The two people in this world who told me again and again how I could have anything if I kept my mind on it, and kept the vision were the exact people, now, telling me I couldn’t. Game on.

I remember my response to all of their reasons we couldn’t get the trampoline, started with, “Awesome, but when we get the trampoline. . . (insert something stellar here)!” I found a pan and broom and asked where I should keep them so I could sweep off the trampoline in the fall and winter easily. I asked where they thought a good place for the tarp would be to keep it in tact and not get dirty. They knew I wasn’t playing here.

6 months later, they asked what I wanted for Christmas, besides the trampoline, and I’ll never forget looking them square in the eye, saying, “I really won’t need ANYTHING this Christmas once I have the trampoline. It’s all I’ve wanted and dreamed about for so long.” Well Christmas came, and I must say, I was patient throughout the whole gift giving process, being gracious, and honestly feeling grateful for my family. I understood their fears, and knew I should probably focus my energy on something a little less death-defying. But then, something magical happened. A realization.

Manifesting a Trampoline

I didn’t need this today and could still manifest it later. And the smile. You know that unstoppable smile that comes when you realize it’s Friday instead of Tuesday? When you trade your organic grapes for Oreos at lunch? When you realize how to do something that is impossible? Yeah, that smile. Plastered all over my face.

We were wrapping up all the packages and giving hugs chatting about the movie we should watch now, when I was given a tiny box with a clue inside. It was a box of hair ties, telling me, “You’ll need these to keep the hair out of your eyes.” Leading me to the Attic, I found 7 pairs of fluffy socks, and 7 sweat pants and shirts, also with a clue: “You’ll need to stay warm if you’re going to be outside too long in this weather.”

Had I really manifested a trampoline?!

The hunt lead me to the basement where the trampoline had been all along! My mother always told me to, “Act as though you already have it, and it will be yours.” For a month, they had it in the basement just to see if I would keep the faith I had about manifesting in the face of great and real adversity.

To this day when I think of something being “too big” to manifest, I remember how large a trampoline was to that little girl. It helps me to start planning the details of what I will do once I have it.

Scarlett Ramey

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