Permission to Believe the Impossible

January 29, 2020 by Scarlett Ramey0

At five years old, I was a serious child… “Hypersensitive” was an understatement, and “Gullible” was my middle name. My doctor actually had to instruct my mother and father to avoid joking with me, as it might actually damage my emotional growth. Thankfully they understood fully and started taking my ridiculousness seriously, but with a twist. Giving me the permission to believe the impossible. I remember asking for a horse from my father, and becoming shocked when he simply said, “Of course.”

At the tender age of five, the idea of follow up was lost to me. I ran around believing I could have a horse, and telling all my friends I was going to get one! This, however in later years, I found was nurturing to my serious character, correct and important to the development of my fearless mentality regarding the impossible. He empowered me at such a young age to believe I could have anything without necessarily understanding how it might happen. The simple question, “Can I have a horse?” he took seriously and answered seriously. Of course I could have a horse if I wanted one bad enough to work for the money to pay for it.

Believe the Impossible

Being given permission to believe the impossible without a “No, because…” or a “That’s ludacris!” allowed me, at SUCH a young age, to understand fully that I could figure out the “How” of anything later. The point they wanted instilled was that deciding what I really wanted was the magic, and that once that was done, there was nothing that could keep me from attaining it.

At thirty-eight years old I still get the eye roll from my folks who realize the tiny monster they created who still truly believes the answer to “Can I have anything in this world?” is always, “Of course.” Thanks Dad!

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