3 Ways Scarlett Ramey Official is Giving Back to the World

March 9, 2020 by Scarlett Ramey0

Giving Back

I make a point to only form companies with a goal of strong global impact. If I am not on purpose to change the world, there truly is no point for me. So, Scarlett Ramey Official is giving back to the world. It takes too much work to build a business not to have a global impact. Scarlett Ramey Official is dedicated to the empowerment of the global community of entrepreneurs, as we know the spirit of business is omnipresent.

Traveling to different countries, I have found the spirit of business in the markets, shops, tour companies, and cafes filled with beautiful foods. The methods that are used vary from the sale to tourist to their local community. This became fascinating to me throughout the years, as I was fortunate to gain different experiences and expertise we simply do not have the same environment, but the principles and most importantly the SPIRIT of business continue to be universal. Scarlett Ramey Official demands global impact buy giving back on a consistent basis. The following are three ways we make our small impact on the world by giving back.

1. Economic Support to Third World Countries

5% of ALL Scarlett Ramey Official profits go to entrepreneurs in third world countries. Each year we decide on ten different individuals from 3 different countries who need capital to formulate a business they’ve planned.

2. International Travel with Purpose

We travel to 3 different countries to give free business workshops. It’s important that we spread our knowledge to those who cannot afford business education. We host 3-Day workshops for those who can gather for this time with family members, and a translator to aid in any language barriers.

3. Third World Business Retreats

We support global tourism by hosting business retreats in third world countries and incorporate spiritual principles of the country. We choose business retreats based on economic need. If tourism is low, and needs help, we tend to choose these places. In order to truly immerse in the culture of each country, we visit spiritual and religious places to gain insights we just cannot glean at home. Spiritual business up-levels our experience from the discussion of future profit production, to how we can further impact the world using our unique gifts.

We love including and exposing those who are interested in world travel, regardless of their spiritual beliefs, to the rich history of global travel.

If you would like more information on how you can give back with us, while gaining access to one of our global business retreats, please email or Text your information to (206) 910-8690.

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