Spiritual Bitch Slapping: A How to Guide

March 2, 2020 by Scarlett Ramey0

As a person with an elegant mix of strong spiritual faith and uncontrolled ADHD, I am usually unstoppable; reaching out only during times my spiritual toolbox seems empty. I sometimes need Spiritual Bitch Slapping. As rare as this is, it often takes a person of deep spiritual roots and extreme intelligence to access my attention, let alone keep it. I am upsettingly impatient with trite cliches of beginning practitioners just getting their feet wet.

I understand they are honing their skills, but many times, I just tune out, as they are still trying to remember the teachings they have been taught to recite. The realism with which Andrea was able to access me in a rare time of crisis is truly awe inspiring.

Through emotional intelligence and extreme brevity she built a path through my tough exterior to my ego, like a laser to my spiritual memory. As a person who loves to dive into giant projects, with which I know nothing about, I had decided to become the first to bring the largest luxury designer fashion show to the Hill’s of Texas.

Impossible, I know, so this was right up my alley! Getting involved with a producer who proved to lack the skills and resources of this magnitude, I still only had 2 weeks to bring the most elaborate event to fruition. The event surrounding the show was crystal clear and organized to perfection, but the show it would support and surround was still up in the air.

Spiritual Bitch Slapping: Creative Genius

I reached out to the only creative genius I knew. Weatherhead has become a sister to me over the years, and often, when I listen (rare), I have transformational experiences. She is one of the most accomplished and humble creatives I have ever experienced. She wows me consistently with points of view and insights I’d never considered. She was the obvious choice. Calling her from the car, where I make most of my spiritual and business decisions, she answered!

She did not start with a prayer, as I would have hung up immediately. She knew I needed to freak out, verbally. She let me. She didn’t tell me to see the light in the situation, she knew this was serious. I was too deep to see the surface of the shit I was drowning in, let alone see the fucking light. She went exactly where I needed her to go.

“Ok,” she started, “let’s say it all goes to shit.” Finally! someone understands! “Would you rather have a horrible show or no show and an incredible event?” She made my choice binary. No wiggle room. No discussion of theoreticals or ethereal possibilities. I wanted a fabulous event even without a fashion show. “Done.” she said way too easily.

“Fire the producer, as he is causing all the stress of the unknown, and throw an incredible event without him. This is in your control. I know you’ll get back to faith once this is done.”

Well, ok then… somehow I was calm. I sent a written text confirming he was no longer going to produce the show. I could breathe! I called her back immediately. She reminded me that now, with breath and peace about this issue, I could finally allow the universe make what was blank spectacular. My faith was back, within the span of 10 minutes, 9.5 consisting of my bitching.

Weatherhead has the ability to match not only the tone and intensity of a situation, but also a person’s attention span and intelligence. She would never treat a beginner who needed a gentle approach this way. Her magical mind understood immediately what I needed, and, as unconventional as her approach was to me, I’ve never been more appreciative of her guidance. We both began to pray for a miracle to fill the show’s spot, and 12 hours later I had an award winning fashion show producer, designer clothes line, and venue solidified.

She’s efficient and impressive when it comes to people who, like me, grew up with the principles needed to manifest the impossible. She had to get me back to the place of faith, and quick. Once she got me there, we could pray and visualize together for the manifestation of the most amazing event I have ever produced! My show ended up better than I could have ever imagined, because she was able to get me to a place where prayer could stand a chance. Her prayers, with her guidance made me start believing in the work of practitioners. Thank you Andrea for the Spiritual Bitch Slapping!

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