Tasting the Experience: Honey Lavender Latte

February 17, 2020 by Scarlett Ramey0

I’ll share another experience, this one is about the visibility of love naturally present, and honey lavender latte. When speaking the language of place.

I love life and how it happens in an ordinary moment, like standing in a line.

There I am. Standing alone in line at a coffee house in Seattle I’ve been to a dozen times, and then she arrives. Like usual, blowing through the coffee cafe door in active wear, sweaty and hair lookin’ crazy.

She meets me standing in line. Nothing monumental happening.

Honey Lavender Latte Sign

All she does is observe effortlessly the slightest movement. I perk up when my eye catches the “Honey Lavender Latte” sign for the very first time, and five minutes later, I am drinking lavender petals floating in a cup. One she had insisted upon us having.

Ten minutes later, she is doing what a woman does, talking about her journaling experiences in this life. Of course I’m captivated. She really has no idea I’m a journaling expert dragon. Personally, I’d set it to flames, but I love that she likes the (first grade) bullet kind regardless. Love is just that, effortless sometimes.

She’s also the person I call and we groannnn in a whine, “This really has nothing to do with male or female, gender, sexual attraction or even an orientation label, transgender and all included.” We are both captivated by genuine beauty, and neither of us offer an apology to anyone for feeling what is natural to us.

We both know this is just what it means to be intimate in life as you move through the world. Guess what, you blush a little while drinking a honey lavender latte. Then we move on, and find it’s happening all over again with the next person in line. There’s nothing threatening about a latte.

Samantha Hill

(photo by The Doctor’s Kitchen)

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