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February 20, 2020 by Scarlett Ramey0

For all of you that miss Ramey Nutrition, ok I guess I’m back….

You ever have a moment where the universe lightly taps you on the shoulder about a calling or direction you should consider? You think, “Yeah, yeah…” Probably just a fleeting thought or guilt about what I “should” be doing. Waaay too busy for all that, as Real Housewives is on….

And then… something way too coincidental happens reminding you of this, but with the force of a bitch slap? And you’re like, “Ok! Ok! I get it! I’ll seriously consider it once this project is done.”

Almost as fast as you can recoil from the bitch slap, you get the coincidence that forces you to pay attention.

  • You ignored the tap.
  • You lied to the bitch slap.
  • The Universe now has no other choice but to take a 2 x 4 to the side of your head.

I’ve had these beautiful growth opportunities happen so often, I started reacting to the gentlest of taps like a PTSD victim! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good 2 x 4 to the head, but damned, if I don’t remember how painful it can be!
A little over a year ago I closed my eating disorder clinic. To say it was my baby would have been the understatement of the century. I built it from the ground up, had birthdays for it, and even trademarked its color!

Growth was my drug… the more patients we helped, the bigger we got, meaning we could help even more patients! We found so many loopholes to get insurance to pay for a different model of treatment that ACTUALLY WORKED!

Seriously, recognizing our patients’ genius, (not educating them for the 19th time about things they could’ve had PhD’s in), empowering them to tune into their own vulnerability, healing at their own pace, the way only they knew how was our Secret Sauce! They wrote the rules, because, really, they always knew what they needed for full recovery. Not a program/authority/treatment plan from someone they just met.

Ramey Nutrition: I was born to do this

People were recovering fully. I knew I was on the right track because the universe kept supporting me with insurance payments, keeping the people from having to pay enormous bills. I woke up every day with purpose. I was BORN to do this!

  • Then…. I got a gentle tap.
  • They stopped paying.
  • They asked for money back they had already paid. We ended up having more administrative people than care providers.
  • Then I got bitch slapped….

I had 5 FULL TIME EMPLOYEES at Ramey Nutrition fighting to get paid for the life changing work our providers were doing. My resentment grew to a level I’m still uncomfortable discussing. We were helping to fully recover some of their sickest patients quicker and more permanently than any treatment program we had ever heard of. We actually used the word “Recovered,” when it was status quo to “Maintain Recovery.” It wasn’t fair!!!!

  • This was the 2 x 4….
  • The universe refused to support this anymore.
  • Time for a different direction… deep breaths, but I had to trust it, as I certainly wasn’t about to find out what comes after the 2 x 4!

So I packed up my life and moved to Texas, marketing for a hotel called The William in Boerne. God’s Country, as my Dad calls it.
About a week ago… I got a fucking tap…

A gal asked me if I was still doing eating disorder counseling. I immediately said, “No,” but I could help her find traditional treatment. She claimed she had been everywhere and nothing has worked. Yeah, yeah…. same story almost all of my patients had told me before, but I wasn’t meant to do that work anymore, RIGHT?!

Private convo in my head with the Universe (WARNING foul language, as this is actually how I talk to my higher power, probably why I get bitch slapped so much):

Universe: Go back to treating people with eating disorders.

Me: Are you fucking kidding me?! I made it my mission in life to help as many people as I could, and you FUCKED me! Why would I EVER put myself through that again?!

Universe: Go back to treating people with eating disorders.

Me: Seriously?! You can’t fucking come up with anything else? I mean shouldn’t you be more well versed than that?! Fuck you, NO!
Then…. the bitch slap.

Six different people on Facebook messenger asking if I’d please just talk to them….. Same story, they really needed help and had tried everything.

Universe: Go back to treating people with eating disorders.

Me: ……….Gawd damn!!!!! Ok….put the 2 x 4 down!

I have to admit, I did miss the actual work at Ramey Nutrition, so I am now doing this, but on my terms. Anyone needing help pays no more than a medical premium ($200/month) directly to me and they get my very best in unlimited calls and texts. The resentment for insurance companies has subsided for the moment, as I know I can provide stellar support in the to those in need without relying on them.

Patients now can call me crying in the grocery store, or in their car after a hard situation, and not have to wait for an appointment with Ramey Nutrition. I want to be there in real time, the way I was before, giving my best support to those who have tried it all, who still need me to do what I was called to do. Text me for a free consultation, because I’m back and I’m here for you. (206) 910-8690

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